How to Recover Your Forgotten Galaxy Pattern Lock

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This article offers a comprehensive guide for Samsung Galaxy users who have forgotten their pattern lock. It covers several methods to regain access to your device, including using your Google Account, Find My Mobile, and factory resetting your phone. By following these steps, readers will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to unlock their Galaxy devices securely.

As smartphones become an indispensable part of our daily lives, securing them with a lock screen is a common practice. For Samsung Galaxy devices, users can choose from various lock screen options, such as PIN, password, or pattern. A pattern lock is a unique and convenient way to secure your device, but it can be frustrating when you forget the pattern. This article will provide a detailed guide on how to recover a forgotten Galaxy pattern lock and regain access to your device.

1. Using Your Google Account:

If you’ve linked your Google account to your Samsung Galaxy device, you can use it to reset your pattern lock.

– After several unsuccessful pattern attempts, your Galaxy device will display a “Forgot pattern?” option on the lock screen. Tap on it.

– Enter your Google account email and password, then tap “Sign in.”

– Once your account is verified, you’ll be prompted to create a new pattern lock.

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2. Using Samsung Find My Mobile:

Samsung’s Find My Mobile service allows you to locate, lock, or wipe your device remotely. To use this method, you’ll need to have a registered Samsung account and have Find My Mobile enabled on your device.

– Visit the Find My Mobile website ( from a computer or another device.

– Sign in to your Samsung account.

– Select your locked Galaxy device from the list.

– Click on “Unlock my device” or “Unlock.”

– Enter your Samsung account password and click “Next.”

– Your device should now be unlocked, and you can create a new pattern lock.

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3. Using ADB (Android Debug Bridge):

If you have USB debugging enabled on your Galaxy device, you can use ADB to remove the pattern lock. This method requires some technical knowledge and a computer with ADB installed.

– Connect your Galaxy device to your computer using a USB cable.
– Open a command prompt or terminal window on your computer.
– Type the following command and hit Enter: `adb devices`
– Ensure your device is listed and recognized.
– Enter the following command to remove the pattern lock: `adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key`
– Reboot your Galaxy device.
– You should now be able to access your device without a pattern lock. Set a new pattern lock immediately to secure your device.

4. Factory Reset:

If none of the above methods work, a factory reset can be performed to erase the pattern lock. However, this method will also erase all data on your device, so it should be your last resort.

– Power off your Galaxy device.

– Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons simultaneously to boot your device into Recovery mode.

– Use the Volume buttons to navigate to “Wipe data/factory reset” and press the Power button to confirm.

– Select “Yes” and confirm with the Power button.

– Once the reset is complete, choose “Reboot system now” and press the Power button.

– After your device restarts, you can set up your device and create a new pattern lock.

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Recover Your Forgotten Galaxy Pattern Lock with Zoozoz Android Unlocker:

ZOOZOZ Android Unlocker is a reliable tool designed specifically for unlocking Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy phones. It can effectively help you bypass the pattern lock without a password.

Steps to use Zoozoz Android Unlocker:

1. Download and install Zoozoz Android Unlocker on your computer.

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2. Launch the software and select “Remove Screen Lock”.
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3. Connect your Galaxy device to your computer using a USB cable.

4. Confirm the device information on the screen, then click on “Start” to proceed.
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5. The software will then start removing the pattern lock. Make sure your device stays connected during the process.

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6. Once the process is completed, your device will reboot, and the pattern lock will be removed.

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It’s important to note that using the Zoozoz Android Unlocker might erase all data on your device, so it’s recommended to make a backup before proceeding. Also, this tool should only be used to unlock devices that you own or have permission to unlock. Unauthorized access to others’ devices is illegal and unethical.


Forgetting your Galaxy pattern lock can be a daunting experience, but several methods can help you recover it. This article provided various methods to unlock your device, including using your Google account, Samsung Find My Mobile, ADB, and factory reset. Additionally, third-party tools like Zoozoz Android Unlocker can be used to unlock your device. However, these tools should be used with caution as they might erase all data on your device. Always remember to back up your data regularly to prevent data loss in such situations.

In the future, to avoid such scenarios, consider implementing preventive measures such as regularly changing your pattern lock, setting up a password recovery option, or using a password manager. Secure your device, but also ensure you can regain access when needed. Stay safe and secure in the digital world.

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