Bridges Built By The Ancients That Are Still In Use Today

While most ancient structures have gained a second life as holidaymaker attractions, the standard bridge has typically maintained its original use throughout the ages. because of being engineered to last, there area unit several bridges out there that were engineered many years before our time and still see daily use. whereas previous bridges typically get destroyed in disasters, blown up in wars, or burned down in tragic accidents, the bridges during this list have survived the ages comparatively unchanged.

Tarr Steps

Found in Exmoor, the Tarr Steps is what’s referred to as a clapper bridge—a bridge created entirely out of rocks resting atop each other. Given its construction, it’s onerous to inform once it had been engineered, though guesses vary from 3000 before Christ to medieval times. The earliest documented description of Tarr Steps was in Tudor times, which implies it dates a minimum of to the 1500s.Tarr Steps contains a native legend that states that it had been engineered by the Devil himself, World Health Organization swore to kill anyone that dared to cross it. once the villagers sent across a cat to check the speculation, the cat was vaporised. Then they sent across a vicar (who was in all probability disquieted concerning receiving identical fate because the cat) to fulfill with the Devil at the halfway purpose of the bridge. once he and therefore the Devil had AN argument, the Devil affected a deal: Anyone may use the bridge, however if the Devil needed to use the world for sunbathing, the ban would resume. If you wish to run the Tarr Steps yourself, make certain there aren’t any sunbathing demons before you are attempting.Unfortunately, the Tarr Steps may be a slight exception to the trend of bridges that have stayed largely intact throughout the ages. providing a pile of rocks doesn’t have the simplest of foundations, segments are taken aback by floods through the course of history. For this reason, all the stones are numbered so that they may be recovered and placed back wherever they belong to stay the believability intact. although it’s been restore along many times, it’s still technically identical bridge.

Shaharah Bridge

Also referred to as the “Bridge of Sighs” (not the one in Venice), Shaharah Bridge may be found in Republic of Yemen. inbuilt the seventeenth century, Shaharah Bridge may be a path that spans a 200-meter-deep (650 ft) ravine so as to attach 2 mountains, Jabal al emeer and Jabal al Faish. it had been a great deal of bother for the inhabitants of each mountains to go to each other, because it meant rising down one mountain and scaling another. The bridge was created to higher connect the villages on each mountains to save lots of time and energy.It wasn’t simply a hot spot for transportation. providing it had been the sole entrance to the city of Shaharah, it had to be fortified to assist obviate Turkish invaders. it’s same that the locals knowledge to destroy the bridge at a moment’s notice, analytic the villagers from danger.These days, Shaharah Bridge may be a major holidaymaker attraction, and it still receives its meant use by the locals as a functioning bridge.

Arkadiko Bridge

The Arkadiko Bridge in Ellas is that the oldest living arch bridge still in use. It’s believed to possess been engineered throughout the Greek Bronze Age, around 1300–1200 before Christ, that means it’s more established a great deal to create it to nowadays.It acted as a part of a military road system between the cities Tiryns and Epidauros back in metropolis times. it’s a wider berth than a standard bridge, with a road dimension of around a pair of.5 meters (8 ft). Historians believe that this extra dimension was designed in order that the bridge may handle chariots. What makes it even additional spectacular is that it’s created strictly from rock boulders, mistreatment no binding agent between the stones to stay the bridge intact. which means the bridge has lasted over 3 millennia from metropolis masonry skills alone and has survived it all.

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